The 2nd Issue

Why “WitBrush”? We are not professional. We enjoy writing and sharing like most people. This magazine implements famous professional paintings as a combination with amateur pieces of writing. Yes, most of the images here are paintings that look very realistic. Read the blog and leave your comment, as your feedback is most welcomed Advertisements

The 1st Issue

Dear all. This is the launch of our beloved magazine “WitBrush”. I hope you enjoy our posts when you check them out. If anyone wants to cooperate with us in this online magazine, we will be posting soon the help we need. Your comments and feedback are much appreciated. Mustafa Adel Abdel Gawad.

Ray Massey


WitBrush is a normal magazine under-construction. It would take time to take its first breath, and till now we cannot state the exact date of its launch. The day of release would be explosive or exceptional. It would be perfectly normal. We shouldn’t propagate something that is not their, we just want a place to…