Illegal Innocence


gottfried-helnwein-16[5]Let me out….Get me out !
I’m too impotent and I can’t breathe.
Can anybody hear my shout ?
Who did this to me… ?
I’m interred in dingy deep mud
Watered with unholy water.
In that wild land there is none but
My howling voice that is blocked by blood.
Yes….it is me…a baby.
Or something similar maybe….
Am I too miserable ?
So why my little hands are that black ?
Am I too pathetic ?
So why my delicate lips are cracked ?
Aren’t tears crystal ?
Why then mine are red ?
Why am I full of wounded holes ?
Why ? and Why and Why ?
Questions answered by my cry…

My rising screams were in vain.
My merciful God ,
Why did you for that nod ?
I’m breathing pain.
Every time I thought there was a coming warm hug
My narrow eyes get wider and wider trying to behold.
But it is always nothing but another hole being dug.
Oh it’s cold….cold….cold.
That muddy field was cursed.
Haunted with man’s sins.
With cracking lips, thousand mouths burst.
I was not lonely….I had lots of suffering twins.
The soil boiled with screaming babies.

All shouting ,
All crying ,
All pleading ,
The little hands were seeking a catch.
Waiting to be released from that abyss.
Like a rotten egg that will never hatch.
For its mother chicken forbade it bliss.

Lying helpless & weak in holes,
A large foot step shook the place.
A flood of hope calmed our souls
Because help will to our pains erase.
Here comes the Giant Man.
Walking and seemed seeking unknowns.
“Help us Mr. Man”
But his steps were a crusher for bones…
Smashing our soft skulls with his feet.
Not caring about our bloody moans.
Time for sins and sinner to meet.
Attempting to hush our grief groans.
He is fighting a battle he can never defeat.
Trying to erase sins of his own.
But dirty sins are stuck forever….he cannot delete.

Mr. Giant man, kill them ….slay me….
And I will not flee.
I’m dying and leaving an already deadly life.
One strike better than a lasting shame-knife.

But before…can you kiss me please… ?

Written By: Ahmed Osama



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